Before giving the test i was not prepared that i will get such accurate answers, or technology can know me so well. the analysis was so accurate that i was completely shocked. one need to be honest towards the test and it will provide a stunning result. it is not necessary that you need to go through this test only before you get a job, even though i am placed this test has shown me the ideas where i need to improve, what all i can do in a job, my capabilities and moreover the things i love.I really appreciate the maker of this application, and will suggest every person who is looking for a career growth to go through this and know themselves before they get into any specific role.

Nupur Rani: 2nd year MIME,Jain University

As a mentor and coach to aspiring graduates, I have been on the lookout for a technique to gauge an individual's strengths and weaknesses, to provide relevant career guidance. My search ends in PexiScore - a simple assessment tool, that provides you career guidance based on your analyitcal, aptitude and communication ability. I recommend every candidate to try this tool and experience it's benefits.

Seema Nair,CEO, CalibreCode Solutions

I found CareerGraph to be a comprehensive tool for career planning. It integrates a number of aspects such as behavior, temperament, and aptitude in developing a credible personal profile and guides the individual towards suitable career choices. In particular, I found the work behavior profile correlated quite well with the inputs I had provided.

Natarajan (Nat) Iyer, Ex-Hiring Head, MuSigma

Careergraph is a complete tool to evaluate aptitude, behavior and analytical skills of aspiring youngsters and benchmark them with the market. Something as a HR professional I was looking for long time. I was very impressed by the consistency of results across the board. A good tool to have for the recruiters as well as candidates.

MadhuKiran, Principal Client Partner, UTMCS

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take the assessment.The overall experience is quite good.I would like to mention a few points about the test:
The structure of the entire test is quite unique in nature.It correctly evaluates and maps an individual. Various parts of the test is well designed to assess the candidate well in 360 degree format. The questions and formats of the test are good and logically structured. The analysis of the report matched well with my given inputs. The analysis report is very helpful to give the candidate a better picture of himself. It also evaluates the readiness of the candidate for certain domains/sectors. Sector wise analysis is helpful to analyze the current trends/demands for various industries. It would be good if the total summary/descriptions of the test including time limits for each sections are mentioned before test-taking.

Sudipto Kumar, Working Professional

I had given the test and after giving test I came to know about certain areas where there is a need for the improvement. Earlier, I generally face that I am unable to make correct decisions during stress, as a result, the decisions made by me during the period of stress militates against success. After the report, I also came to know that I am emotionally weak which is somewhat true and which I generally want to improve.

Kabir Bhalla, Student, CMS Business School

Careergraph is an amazing assessment tool that provides a comprehensive and holistic report about one's nature, skill, fitment and areas of improvement in the context of career. Be it a student or a working professional, the test drills down to the main focus areas and suggests areas of improvement. In fact, when I took the test I felt that it really provided some good insight regarding my nature and the type of roles that I may fit into in a proper way. It also suggested some new avenues and areas of improvement which cannot be suggested until and unless a proper psychometric evaluation is done. I would recommend all the students and working professionals to take the test and find out their key strength and areas of improvement in perspective of their career. It will be really helpful in the long run

Soumalya Mukhopadhyay, MBA Business Analytics, SCMHRD

The session was really interesting and helpful to my career line. Also it showed the clear path of approaching towards it. Hope it will give me a best start of my career.

Nitika Gupta, Student, CMS Business School

Finally, we all know each one of us are unique with its own set of advantages and disadvantages and sometimes due to the fear of taking test or maybe casually taking the test, maybe even someone helping or using google to help them could actually yield different test results and the person may be so absorbed reading the report that even though the profile does not match completely he or she may believe that they are that, which is not bad but just wanted to bring in to your viewpoint. As for me, you guys got me around 60-80% right so I definitely believe in you and your product, thanks and the all the best.

Shagir Ahmed, Skill mission

At first I would like to thank you for analyzing my SWOT and explain it to me. The report and consultant has bring me new way of thinking altogether. Even though I was not convinced that every detail is appropriate, I find it very helpful to improve some of my areas that was looking in my profile. The major advantage here is taht it is covering important aspects whatever required for enterpreneurship and pulling it in a sequencing way.

Aathish Kannantha, Student, CMS Business School

I found the recommended industries are suited for my interest. Thier are few areas I need to improve and I accept those and the report actually resembling what I feel about myself. The session was really good.

Naveen Reddy Seekireddy, Student, CMS Business School

Got inputs on strength and weaknesses. Got to know what I lack in. Got clearity in competencies and how to use them. Got insight on how to improve my business model. Thanks CareerGraph.

Mohamed Fauzul Kabir, Student, CMS Business School

CareerGraph provides where I need support and where the changes are to be made. It helped me to think and take the decision of where I am lacking or need support. This session helped me to think out of box and to relate it with the competetors and i got a idea to enhance the business with the existing business.

Velicheti Tanuja, Sudent, CMS Business School