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We look at interest, temperament, aptitude and education to showcase careers meant for you...

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PexiScore CareerGraph is an offering to those who seek directions in their search for the career that fits with their attributes. It is a flexible, well designed report to facilitate job fitment and career exploration. The Report is aimed at the college population, and those who seek to engage in a professional career post completion of their academics based on multiple parameters of self-exploratory understanding and nuances measured using our tested algorithms. CareerGraph can be used for career counseling of high school, college, and university students, career planning for adults, career transitions, and direction in a wide variety of fields, including aspiring entrants into the job market or existing employees to find their core grounds in business, professional occupations, service, and technical job roles. It comes to you from the house of PexiScore, a scoring assessment for Job fitment.


CONVENIENT. Assessments are administered online using any web platform. The assessment is simple yet tested for efficacy using multiple past candidates and needs no software installation. CareerGraph Report is generated is automated, so you need not even wait for the report as it generated real-time and delivered to your email ID immediately. Results are presented using graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and career information that is easy to understand and provides insights on right career choices. All applicants get themselves auto-registered with for job search and career guidance.
FORCED-CHOICE FORMAT. The assessment employs a forced-choice format seeking applicants to indicate the most preferred attributed from multiple options. The assessment takes into consideration 6 key factors of influence; education, temperament, interest, aptitude, behavior and Job fitment. It minimizes response bias and understands the sub-conscoius indications of career interests. This enforces any source of response bias to the highest extent.
LOW-COST GUIDANCE.While choosing careers is one of the most important decisions an individual undertakes, we understand that it isn’t an easy decision for both applicants and their close ones. The Career counsellors are an extensive process and involve cost and time which too we seek to minimise. It also helps simplify by matching the person’s unique attributes with a wide variety of careers and job roles. It has been designed keeping time and cost factors while delivering the highest of standards and efficacy.
COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING.CareerGraph report is segmented into sections to present facts and insights in an easy-to-understand manner rather than using complex jargons with descriptions of the Interest Industry Profiler, Temperament Profiler, Academic Profiler and Job Fitment Profiler. The report is phrased to benefit choices of careers with detailed explanations of the top industry and job roles that match an individual’s patterns of aptitudes and attitudes based on the attribute scores. Compared to industry Interest reporting models that dwell purely on individual interests, the CareerGraph seeks to define in clear terms the available choices vis-à-vis the pattern of mental and environmental influences alongwith academics on an individual’s mind. Check out the sample report here to know more of our reporting structure and it’s benefits today.

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We would be grateful to enable smart hiring of freshers from multiple colleges and streams of your choice at a click of a few buttons for a nominal sum. The system also provides a Dashboard to filter through the students’ demographics to filter, engage & offer jobs.We also have a hindi version of the report for students from the Hindi heartland.
Benefits for all stakeholders:
Students benefit by getting to know their strengths and weaknesses, interest areas to improve for job readiness.
Hiring Managers can start engaging in jobskills from Year One.
Dashboard helps organisations access these reports and decide on their future hiring pool.
Colleges benefit from a wider reach of corporates which hiring managers are not always able to visit and cover for their campus hiring drives.
The entire exercise has a social transformation by enabling Talent Discovery and bringing forth talents students across the breadth of the country to the hiring Manager’s desktop.
CSR funds can be deployed to sponsor the report as it reaches out to the parents and future employees or customers that the brand seeks to engage through a meaningful and social do-good message.

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